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Anxiolysis – Light Sedation Dentistry at Morgan Dental Care in Maine

What is Anxiolysis Sedation Dentistry?

Anxiolysis is the term used for a very light level of sedation dentistry used to take the edge off the anxiety experienced by many dental patients. It is used for people who do not need a deeper level of sedation; people who can probably tough it out, but hate facing a dental visit nevertheless. Well if that describes you, you don’t have to dig deep into your bravery bin any more to make it to a dental appointment. We are trained sedation dentists, here at Morgan Dental Care.

In our practice, anxiolysis usually consists of a single dose of a sedative medication that you take prior to your visit.

Am I a candidate for anxiolysis- sedation dentistry?

It is our philosophy that dentistry should be a comfortable process for everybody regardless of past experiences or level of fear or anxiety. At the same time we will not use more sedative than you need to stay relaxed at your dental visits. So how do you know if anxiolysis is enough? Or if you even need it at all?

If you:

  • have to force yourself to go to the dentist or psyche yourself up
  • can’t sleep well the night before your dental visit
  • tense up the entire time the dentist is working on your teeth
  • hope the dentist’s office will call and cancel your appointment
  • when you are in the chair, you count the minutes until you are done
  • have kept to a schedule of regular dental care but you hate to go
  • have ever said “I’d rather have a baby than go to the dentist”

then you may be a candidate for anxiolysis…

With just a light dose of the right sedative, and perhaps some of your favorite music on the headphones, you may actually be able enjoy your time in the dental chair!

Anxiolysis is administered as a single dose of a sedative medication, taken an hour before the dental visit. Since it will slightly impair judgement and raise the risk of falling asleep driving, a driver to bring you to and from your appointment will be necessary. However, most people receiving this level of sedation will feel almost normal other than feeling more relaxed than they ever have when going to the dentist.

What if I get there and it isn’t enough sedation for me?

Not to worry. We are certified and qualified to give you more. By following the protocol of having a driver bring you in, we can easily transition to a deeper level of sedation if needed. Since it is our mission to give you a relaxed and pleasant visit, we no more want to proceed with your work than you want us to, if you are not in a comfortable state.

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