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CEREC Natural Looking One Day Permanent Crowns at Morgan Dental Care

Dental Crowns – Repairing Chipped or Cracked Teeth Permanently

Do you have chipped or cracked teeth that are in need of a re-build, but you don’t want multiple visits or having to wait weeks with a temporary teeth crown while your permanent dental crown is made?

One of the more amazing and useful advances in dentistry of late is technology that makes it possible to get your permanent crowns done in one visit.  It’s known as CEREC®.  Your Portland Maine area dentists at Morgan Dental Care can provide this service to you.

What is CEREC

dental crownsCEREC® (CERamic REConstruction) is process that allows dentists equipped and trained in this process to restore damaged teeth to a natural looking ceramic replacement dental crown in just one visit.

Traditionally, restoring a tooth with a ceramic crown or onlay has required multiple visits because the process of creating the restoration was always done in a dental lab. So impressions had to be taken and shipped away to a lab; you would have a temporary crown made, and then come back to the dentist’s office to remove the temporary and put in the permanent crown.

With CEREC® however, the process of creating the permanent restoration is done right in our office using this new technology.

How does CEREC® work?

  • Instead of an impression, a picture is taken of your damaged teeth using a special camera.
  • The picture is then converted to a virtual 3D model using special software.
  • The software then uses an extensive database and comparisons of surrounding teeth to approximate the shape of the ceramic replacement being created.
  • No temporary crown is needed because your permanent one will be ready to bond to your tooth in just a few minutes
  • Using CAD / CAM technology, the new restoration is designed on the computer in every detail, guided by the dentist or technician
  • The computer sends the digital version of the virtual crown or onlay to a milling machine that makes an exact duplicate out of ceramic that is chosen to match your tooth color
  • Your replacement restoration is finished and polished and then is bonded to your natural tooth by your dentist.  It is now ready for immediate chewing duty.

What are the advantages of CEREC?

CEREC Before & AfterThe primary benefit of a CEREC® restoration is that you can have your tooth completely restored in just one session.  Thanks to this technology, we’re able to accurately create a restoration custom-fitted to your tooth while you wait.

Another benefit of a CEREC® restoration is that it’s virtually impossible tell it’s not your original tooth.  Because the restoration is created using metal-free, tooth-colored ceramic material, is mimics the natural beauty of your tooth.

Finally, a bonded CEREC® restoration allows us to preserve more healthy tooth material than some of the older techniques, creating a stronger, yet more conservative result.

To learn more or to schedule a complimentary CEREC® consultation, contact Morgan Dental Care today to learn more about sedation dentistry and schedule an appointment– (207) 839-2655.