What are Fastbraces® at Morgan Dental Care?

FastbracesWhether someone wants to straighten their teeth for health reasons or simply to improve the appearance of their smile, Fastbraces® is a cost-effective approach to straighter teeth in a timely manner. Morgan Dental Care uses this state-of-the-art technology to straighten patients’ teeth in a shorter period of time. Learn more about the advantages of Fastbraces, and discover how they can improve a smile for years to come.

The Benefits

Many people are hesitant to get braces because of the high cost and often lengthy treatment plan, but these disadvantages are a thing of the past. Teeth-straightening treatment with traditional braces can take years, but Fastbraces® can straighten teeth in less than one year. Due to the shorter treatment plan, the cost of Fastbraces® teeth-straightening technology is less expensive when compared to traditional braces. Dental patients also enjoy the benefit of having fewer office visits for their treatment.

The Difference

Fastbraces® use a unique method to straighten teeth that speeds up the procedure. Dental patients typically have to wear traditional braces for up to four years because the crown and root of each tooth is moved at different times. Fastbraces® move the crown and root of each tooth at the same time, which aligns teeth more quickly.

The Timeframe

Those with braces often feel self-conscious about their appearance. One of the greatest advantages of Fastbraces® is the shorter amount of time that dental patients have to wear their braces. Some wearers will have their teeth straightened in as little as three months using Fastbraces® teeth-straightening technology. The shorter treatment plan also makes the teeth-straightening process less expensive.

Those looking for a convenient, cost-effective way to straighten their teeth should consider investing in Fastbraces® through Morgan Dental Care. The benefits of Fastbraces® include a shorter treatment plan, and lower cost of the procedure. Dental patients also enjoy fewer office visits. Unlike traditional braces, Fastbraces® move the crown and root of teeth at the same time. This teeth-straightening treatment has the ability to correct alignment sometimes in just three months. Contact Morgan Dental Care today at 207-560-4088 to take the first step towards a brighter smile.


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