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Natural Looking Fillings for Cavities in Portland & Gorham

Have you had cavities filled with the metal amalgam fillings traditionally used by dentists in the past?  Are you embarrassed to show your smile because your mouth is full of metal? Come visit our dental Portland ME specialist at Morgan Dental Care.

Metal-free fillings, known as composite fillings or white fillings, are a great alternative to metal amalgam fillings.

dental Portland ME Composite fillings offer several advantages:

  • The color of the composite filling material closely matches your tooth color making it virtually unnoticeable and natural-looking.
  • Composite fillings are bonded to your tooth which provides more strength to the filled tooth compared to a non-bonded filling such as a metal amalgam filling.
  • They may help reduce sensitivity by sealing the tooth with the bonding process
  • Composite fillings are metal free and don’t contain any mercury. (Amalgam fillings consist of about 50% mercury)
  • Once the filing is placed and cured in just a few seconds with a special curing light, it is hard and ready for immediate use.

While composite fillings are a great advancement in dentistry, they also have limitations, as do all filling materials.  If the filling is too large, it means the remaining part of the tooth may not have enough strength left to resist cracking or breaking.  Or, if a tooth is already cracked, a composite filling may not offer enough protection against breakage.  In these cases, a protective restoration (a crown or an onlay) will be recommended instead of a filling.

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