Fastbraces® – Straighten Your Teeth Quickly and Safely

Are you wishing you could have straight teeth but just don’t want to wear braces for years? Well, we have good news for you! Fastbraces® is a new, innovative and proven technology that allows patients to have straight teeth in just a few months instead of years and years. In many cases, it only takes three months to get the results you have been dreaming about. Fastbraces® uses a patented triangular design, cutting technology and a special heat-activated wire to achieve the beautiful results many patients have received. Patients of all ages have used Fastbraces® with great success. The field of orthodontics is changing because of this new revolutionizing technology.

What makes Fastbraces® different from traditional braces?

With traditional orthodontic braces, the crowns of the teeth are moved during the first year. During the second, third or maybe even fourth year, the roots of the teeth are moved. This is very costly and time consuming. Many patients also report that it can be very uncomfortable.

Fastbraces® change all the normal expectations. This new method allows the brackets and wires to work together to change the position of the crown and the root at the same time. Doing this shortens the treatment time greatly. Because the time is shortened, less office visits and adjustments are needed, cost is lowered. With less visits, patients are able to keep their normal schedule with only minimal interruption for appointments. Patients that use Fastbraces® experience less discomfort than they would with traditional braces. The risk that comes with traditional braces is not a problem when using this new method. Fastbraces® has more than twenty years of research and development proving it to be fast, safe, easy and affordable.

Please call Morgan-Hill Dental Care for a consultation. Together we can determine if Fastbraces® is a fit for you and your specific situation.