For anyone who wanted straight teeth there used to only be one option, traditional braces with uncomfortable wires and brackets. With so many advances in dental technology, patients now have the opportunity to choose from several different types of straightening treatment. Our staff at Morgan-Hill Dental Care would be delighted to explain each of your options and help narrow down the best solution for your particular situation and lifestyle.

Invisalign is one of those many options that teens and adults all over America are making use of. This process is similar to traditional braces but the wires and brackets are not needed. Instead, a set of trays are made of a transparent, plastic material. Each tray is a little different, allowing for the changes needed to achieve the straight smile desired. At Morgan-Hill Dental Care we use computer imaging technology to custom create each tray for each patient’s needs.

Advantages of Invisalign

When deciding which of the many methods available would best meet your needs, consider these advantages of Invisalign.

  • Comfort – The trays being made of a smooth plastic are very gentle on the mouth tissue. Lips and gums do not get poked by any wires. Brackets do not press on the inside of the lips or mouth. Invisalign is a comfortable option.
  • Treatment Time – The treatment time for traditional braces takes at least two years. One year is needed to adjust the teeth and the second year is needed to adjust the roots. Sometimes it can take even longer. Invisalign provides the same corrections in a much shorter time. Nine to fifteen months is all it usually takes to have a straight smile using Invisalign.
  • Aesthetics – Traditional braces are very easily noticeable to all who see you, they cannot be hidden even with transparent bands. Invisalign uses clear plastic trays that are nearly invisible to those around you.
  • Eating habits – The list of “no, no” foods during the treatment time of traditional braces is not a short one. Foods can become lodged into the wires or brackets making eating in public a worrisome task. Invisalign’s treatment plan does not have any limitations on what foods can and cannot be eaten. When it is meal time, simply remove the tray and return to the mouth once done.
  • Oral Hygiene – A special toothbrush and floss is needed when traditional braces are being used. It is very difficult to clean around all those wires and brackets. Invisalign trays only need to be popped out of the mouth while brushing and flossing. This allows good oral hygiene habits during the straightening process.

Call Morgan-Hill Dental Care and find out if Invisalign is the best choice for your needs and lifestyle. Finance options can also be discussed for Invisalign or any other treatment that can improve your smile and confidence.