Dental Insurance and Financing

While some people avoid visiting the dentist because of fears they’ve had since childhood, others worry about the cost of dental care. Before work begins, the dentist does an examination and a series of x-rays that offer an inside look at one’s teeth, and those carry a significant cost. Factor in the cost of the cleaning and any other work done, and even something as simple as filling a cavity can have a cost that doesn’t fit the budget. Insurance and financing options can help people receive the dental care they need.

How Dental Insurance Works

Dental Insurance and FinancingInsurance is one of the common ways to help pay for dental care. With dental insurance, an individual pays a set amount of money every month to the insurer. The insurer then agrees to pay a portion of the cost of the person’s dental care up to a set maximum. Most insurance plans cover teeth cleanings, regular checkups and other basic procedures, and often provide coverage on more complicated procedures, such as partials, crowns and bridges, at a lower percentage. Two important things to know about any dental insurance policy are the limitations imposed by the yearly maximum and the “UCR” fees.

The yearly maximum is the point where the insurance company’s payments will stop in a given year, regardless of the amount of dental work you need. Most policies in the Gorham and Portland areas have a $1000 or $1500 yearly maximum. In spite of steady inflation, the maximum tends to stay the same year after year.

The “UCR” fee is the maximum fee for a procedure that an insurance company bases their benefit payments on. Very often, the UCR fee is lower than the actual fee the dentist charges, so if the insurance policy pays 80% on a procedure, it is paying 80% of a lower fee than the actual fee, so your out-of-pocket co-pay ends up more than the 20% you would expect.

Confusing? Yes, it can be, so it is always smart to find out your actual out-of-pocket net cost before starting dental treatment. Morgan Dental Care is happy to provide you with a detailed estimate of your benefits and co-pays before you begin any dental treatment. Also, if you are considering buying a dental insurance policy, whether as an individual or for a small business, the team at Morgan Dental Care is happy to discuss the pros and cons of the policy you are considering, from a dentist’s perspective.
What About Dental Financing?

Not everyone receives dental insurance through their work, which is one of the reasons many patients opt for dental financing. Dental financing is like any other type of financing. The patient applies for the financing through a private company, and the company agrees to give the individual a loan towards any dental care that’s needed. Finance companies look at the patient’s credit history, job and income when determining how much they will loan. The patient uses the money to pay for the required dental care now, and then makes monthly payments to the finance company.

Are there other options?

Yes. Morgan Dental Care has an exclusive membership plan designed mostly for people without dental insurance. It is not insurance, but it does provide substantial savings on nearly all your dental care and easy monthly payments. Ask about Dental Health Advantage Premier.
Visiting Dr. Ted Morgan and Dr. Amanda Rockwood at Morgan Dental Care

Anyone who needs affordable dental work done should consider visiting Morgan Dental Care in Gorham. As two of the best dentists in the area, Dr. Morgan and Dr. Rockwood offer the bedside manner that patients want and the payment plans that many people need. Navigating insurance and financing at dentists’ offices is sometimes hard, but the team at Morgan Dental Care does whatever it takes to make the process easier.

To learn more about dental insurance plans and financing, call Morgan Dental Care at 207-560-4088.


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